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Borrowing Tips

  • ​​​​​​Borrow only what you think you will need!  Please visit our Estimating Your Bill section to help estimate an amount
  • When deciding on a loan amount remember you are taking out a loan for the entire academic year, not per semester.
  • Peak processing time for parent/alternative loans is June through September but will continue to be processed through the entire year.
  • It takes approximately 21 business days to complete the entire application with a third party lender and Providence College We strongly encourage you to make sure your application has been initiated in enough time to ensure that payment is pending or received by the date your student bill is due (August 15 for the Fall semester and December 15 for Spring semester).
  • Be an informed borrower and choose you lender carefully!  Make sure you read all the fine print in each document you are signing.
  • Keep in mind that alternative loan products have NO LIMIT on high their annual interest rate can go unless the product you have chosen offers a fixed interest rate.
  • You should continue to research products every year since another lender may be able to offer you better incentives in future years.
  • When applying for loans, make sure you only apply for one at a time Each time you apply and a lender runs your credit (at your request) it appears on your credit report The more loans you apply for at the same time, the lower your credit score could be