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Fast Facts

Financial Aid Communication

The Office of Financial Aid will send information through your Admission Status Portal until you enroll and receive your PIN to your CyberFriar account.  Once you have access to PC’s online self-service account, all communication from the Office of Financial Aid will be electronic.  In accordance with FERPA laws, we will communicate only with the student, who can then relay information to his or her parents or guardians.

Merit-Based Scholarships vs. Need-based Aid

Merit-based aid is an academic scholarship awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic talent.  It is a four-year renewable scholarship provided you continue to meet the criteria outlined in the contract associated with the scholarship offer.

Need-based aid is financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need.  Eligibility is recalculated yearly based on the information provided to us on the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and other supporting documents requested, and may differ from year to year.

Siblings in College

Financial awards are always based on the number of siblings in the household attending college as undergraduate students.  For this reason, need-based eligibility can fluctuate greatly when one student graduates from an undergraduate institution or enters a graduate program.  Please be aware of the possibility that need-based eligibility could decrease by half or diminish completely, especially if coupled with other changes (income, etc.).

Tentative Awards

The information reported by you and your applications may not be confirmed at the time we are reviewing information; therefore, your award is not finalized until we collect final copies of 2018 tax returns and W2s and/or complete verification on applications selected by the U.S. Department of Education.  There is a possibility that your award could change after the deposit deadline if the information originally provided differs from your final tax documents.  It is important to understand that sometimes information submitted can be incomplete, misreported, or unintentionally omitted.  We recommend that families use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) when completing the FAFSA, to minimize the impact of any changes.  Providence College does not participate in IDOC.  Please send all requested tax documents directly to PC, adhering to all published deadlines.

Resident vs. Commuters

Resident student packages are based on the costs associated with living on campus, while commuter student packages are based on the lower expenses associated with commuting.  If you are considering changing your resident status to commuter (living with parent), your need-based assistance could be affected.

Late Applicants

If your application was submitted after the deadline, your initial offer of assistance will be limited to federal aid.  Decisions about need-based institutional aid for late applicants will most likely be made after our deposit deadline of May 1.  You may need to make a deposit decision solely based upon your federal eligibility.  Please note that if you applied late in the first year, it does not exclude you from reapplying on time in subsequent years.

Special Conditions

While we do everything possible to help our families meet the cost of a college education, we cannot always meet 100 percent of a student’s demonstrated institutional need.  Therefore, our initial award is the best and most competitive we can offer.

If an extraordinary situation has occurred since completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile, you may complete one of our appeal forms to request a reevaluation.  While we will review your request as soon as possible, we may not be able to process appeal requests until after the deposit deadline.

Apply Yearly for Need-Based Aid

All need-based financial assistance is renewable for four years provided a student adheres to published dates and deadlines, remains in good academic standing, and continues to demonstrate similar financial need each year.  If the information provided on the FAFSA or CSS Profile forms indicates a change in the family situation, it is possible that award types and amounts could change.

All colleges are unique in the way they award financial aid packages.  It is important to be familiar with policies, procedures, and requirements for each institution as they may not be applicable to Providence College.  Please look through our website to learn more about our policies and procedures.