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Greetings from the Director

Congratulations on your admission.

Deciding which college to attend and investing in your education are some of the biggest decisions that you will make about your future.  We are excited to welcome you to Providence College’s trans-formative community and are committed to helping you navigate the decision process.  To help you understand your financial options, I am pleased to offer you a personalized award letter, which can be found on your Admission Status Portal.

When choosing which college will be the best fit for you academically, it is also important to consider the best choice financially for you and your family.  The team in the Office of Financial Aid plays an essential role in assisting you with this decision.  We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the overall cost associated with attending PC,  your estimated net price, and the changes that may be made in your financial aid award over four years.  Your award letter, contains key pieces of information specific to you and your family for your first year of attendance.

It is necessary for you and your family to fully understand the terms and conditions of the financial aid offer.  We want to encourage you to consider all factors when weighing the strength of this offer over a four-year period before making a final enrollment decision.  For example:

  • The Office of Financial Aid solely provides need-based funding to supplement your family’s contribution.  This funding is not based on academic or athletic merit and is not guaranteed.
  • Awards marked as tentative could change, even after you’ve sent in a deposit.  Since the data provided by you on your application materials may not be confirmed at the time we are reviewing information, your award is not finalized until additional information, including final taxes and W2s, verification materials (if selected), and outside awards, is assessed.
  • Each school is different.  Cost information, types of aid offered, policies, procedures, requirements, and paperwork outlined by other institutions may not be applicable at Providence College.

We recognize that the ability to manage the cost of college may be among your primary consideration in deciding where you will enroll for the fall.  If you have any questions that will help you to make this exciting decision, please contact our office.


Sandra J. Oliveira
Executive Director
Office of Financial Aid