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Managing Your Costs

​​​​Your net price

Your most recent award letter (available in the Admission Status Portal) will display your estimated net price. Remember, your net price is direct costs minus your offer of assistance from the College. Please note, the direct costs outlined on your award letter are estimated. Costs will be finalized in early Spring 2020.

Managing your net price

There is no one “right” way to finance your education, and ultimately, the financing option you choose is up to you and your family. The appeal and benefit of the many alternative options will be influenced by your individual family financial circumstances, comfort level and need. Also, keep in mind that you are financing on a yearly basis (both Fall and Spring semesters). Whichever option you choose this year can be changed in future years if you are unhappy with the initial product you have selected or your needs change from one year to the next. Visit our Understanding Your Options webpage for more information.