Key Dates for Prospective Students

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Key Dates for Prospective Students

Each deadline means the application has to be received by the College by the date listed. We do not participate with CSS IDOC and all requested tax documentation needs to be sent directly to the College. Documents can be emailed to, faxed to 401-865-1186 or mailed to:
Providence College
Attn: Financial Aid – Harkins Hall
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918

Personal tax returns are not required until a student enrolls at PC.

2022 Business Tax Information

Please send the following information depending on the type of business you and/or your parents have ANY interest or percentage of ownership in:

  • Sole Proprietorship Schedule C or C-EZ of 2022 Form 1040
  • Partnership 2022 Form 1065 and K-1
  • S-Corporation 2022 Form 1120S and K-1
  • Corporation 2022 Form 1120
Early Decision

FAFSA : Due May 1

CSS Profile : Due November 1

Business Tax Information : Due November 8

Early Decision II

FAFSA : Due May 1

CSS Profile : Due February 1

Business Tax Information : Due February 1

Early Action

FAFSA : Due May 1

CSS Profile : Due November 15

Business Tax Information : Due December 1

Regular Decision

FAFSA : Due May 1

CSS Profile: Due February 1

Business Tax Information: Due February 15

Spring 2024 Transfer

FAFSA : Due December 1

CSS Profile: Due December 1

Business Tax Information: Due December 15

Fall 2024 Transfer

FAFSA : Due May 15

CSS Profile: Due May 15

Business Tax Information: Due May 22

CSS School Code: 3693 FAFSA School Code: 003406

The requirements listed above are for individuals interested in both federal and institutional need-based assistance.  The CSS Profile & prior year business tax information is not required for those families only interested in federal financial assistance.  Also, none of the requirements listed above have to be submitted if families are only interested in merit-b​ased assistance.

Please make sure your applications are in on time, are complete and signed where appropriate. Any incomplete information could cause a delay in the receipt of your financial aid application(s) and could impact the amount of aid you are eligible to receive.  Using estimated financial information is acceptable when completing your initial aid applications. Although we do encourage families to estimate the best they can, it is equally important that your applications be received at Providence College by their deadlines. Your award will be tentative based on your estimated figures and then confirmed once we collect and verify your final tax information.

Once your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been submitted and processed and the U.S. Department of Education has sent you a Student Aid Report (SAR) please read the comment section very carefully. If there is an issue with the application (i.e. missing signature, citizenship confirmation) it will be outlined in this section and these issues must too be resolved by the deadline in order for the application to be considered on-time.

Applications & Deadlines