Student Employment

​​​​Federal Work Study (FWS) is a unique component available in the federal student aid program that affords students the opportunity to earn funds throughout the academic year to support some of their educationally related expenses.

Those who have been awarded FWS as part of their package are responsible for securing their own employment opportunity. Freshman and new transfer students who have been awarded FWS will be sent an email with additional information regarding the job search process mid-August.  Once a student receives instructions on how to begin the job search they can access the online system at anytime.

It is important to remember that FWS funds are not credited to the student’s account nor does it guarantee a student a job. Students are paid bi-weekly according to the hours worked and may earn up to the amount they have been awarded.  Priority for employment is given to those awarded FWS.

New Freshman or Returning Students who wish to work during the academic year, but have not been awarded or are not eligible for FWS can do so through the Regular Student Payroll (RSP). These jobs can also be searched and applied for in our online system beginning at the start of school.

However, since priority is given to students with FWS, it may take a RSP applicant longer to hear back from hiring supervisors. It is important that RSP applicants stay in touch with the hiring supervisors to check on the status of their application.

Interested in a Community Work Study position? Visit the Feinstein Institute for Public Service for more details.


All students interested in working on campus should visit our policy and procedure section and review the Student Employment Policies. This section contains all the information that is necessary in order to successfully begin employment on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Financial Aid has created a Student Employment FAQ that contains the most popular questions received from students and parents regarding employment here at the College. We encourage you to review the information before you begin your job search since this flyer covers a range of information that includes how many jobs a student may have, what hours they can work and how students are paid.

Tips for Applying to Jobs

  • Students can apply for jobs in Handshake. Since this platform using SSO your username and password are your network credentials.
  • Apply to multiple jobs! There are lots of students applying to jobs so it is highly recommended that you apply to many different jobs so you have a good chance at securing employment.
  • Wait patiently while your applications are reviewed! Please remember that many students may apply to the same job and supervisors need time to go through all applications. Feel free to check on the status of your application after 1-2 weeks by contacting the supervisor.
  • Continually check job postings. Remember that jobs are posted throughout the year so if you didn’t get your first choice…keep looking.
  • It is very important to remember that being awarded Federal Work Study does not guarantee you a job. You must secure a position in order to receive FWS earnings.
  • If you plan on working during the school year please note that you need either your original passport, original birth certificate, or original social security card in order to complete that paperwork that is required to start working. Please plan accordingly.

When Hired

Once you have secured a position on campus, be sure to visit the Required Paperwork page and use the guides to determine what paperwork you need to complete to ensure you are properly added to the student payroll. All paperwork and proper identification must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid, Harkins Hall, Room 403 before you can begin working.