Program Information

​​​Information on this page is also available in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format. Click on the Student Employment FAQ to view or print the document in PDF format.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a unique component available in the federal student aid program that affords students the opportunity to earn funds throughout the academic year to support some of their educationally related expenses.

Those who have been awarded FWS as part of their package are responsible for securing their own employment opportunity. ​Information regarding the job search process is e-mailed to Freshman and Sophomore FWS recipient’s and new transfers at the end of August. Once a student receives instructions on how to begin the job search they can access the online system at anytime.

It is important to remember that FWS funds are not credited to the student’s account nor does it guarantee a student a job.  Students are paid bi-weekly according to the hours worked and may earn up to the award amount listed on their Financial Aid Notice. Priority for employment is given to those awarded FWS.

Regular Student Payroll (RSP)

New Freshman or Returning Students who wish to work during the academic year, but have not been awarded or are not eligible for FWS can do so through the Regular Student Payroll (RSP).  These jobs can also be searched and applied for in our online system beginning at the start of school.

However, since priority is given to students with FWS, it may take a RSP applicant longer to hear back from hiring supervisors. It is important that RSP applicants stay in touch with the hiring supervisors to check on the status of their application.