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Returning Key Dates

Please find the column below that best matches your student status (i.e. Undergraduate Day School, School of Continuing Education, Teacher Certificate Program, Graduate Students Program).  Once you have identified your student status, please take note of the application(s) required and when they are due. Each published deadline means the application has to be ​received by Providence College by the date listed. Therefore, be sure to submit all relevant application(s) to the agencies that are processing them for you in enough time for Providence College to receive them by the required due dates.

The requirements listed below are for individuals interested in both federal and institutional need-based assistance.  Please note, the CSS Profile is not required for those families only interested in federal financial assistance.  Also, none of the requirements below have to be submitted if families are only interested in renewing their merit based assistance.

In addition, please make sure your applications are in on time, are complete and signed where appropriate. Any incomplete information could cause a delay in the receipt of your financial aid application(s) and could impact the amount of aid you are eligible to receive. Also, using estimated financial information is acceptable when completing your initial aid applications. Although we do encourage families to estimate the best they can, it is equally important that your applications be received at Providence College by their deadlines.

Lastly, once your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been submitted and processed and the U.S. Department of Education has sent you a Student Aid Report (SAR) please read the comment section very carefully. If there is an issue with the application (i.e. missing signature, citizenship confirmation) it will be outlined in this section and these issues must too be resolved by the deadline in order for the application to be considered on-time.

Please note, we do not participate with CSS IDOC. Therefore, all requested tax documentation needs to be emailed/mailed/faxed directly to the College adhering to all applicable deadlines.



CSS Profile Code




*The 2020-21 deadline for application materials outlined below have been extended until May 22nd*


Undergraduate Day School

School of Continuing Education

Teacher Certification Program

Graduate Studies Program

Due April 15, 2020
Now 5/22/20
Due prior to registration

Due prior to registration

Due prior to registration

Due April 15,  2020
Now 5/22/20

If you are a returning School of Continuing Education or Graduate​ student​ visit our pages just for you!