Student Employment Supervisor Policies

Hiring Federal Work-Study Students

Departments should endeavor to fill all student positions with Federal Work-Study eligible students. Cooperation by all department heads and supervisors in this regard will help to ensure that on-campus job opportunities will be made available to those students who need them the most. Exceptions may be able to be made on a case by case basis but it is preferred that Federal Work-Study recipients are hired first.

Student Employment Budget Request

Department heads will be required to submit Student Employment Budget Requests to the Budget Office on an annual basis. This form is made available by the budget office located at Harkins Hall Room 400.

Student Employment Job Posting (description)

Every time a supervisor plans to hire new student employees(s) to their department (regardless of whether the students are pre-selected or not) the supervisor needs to submit an online job posting (description). The Office of Financial Aid maintains current job postings which are required for all authorized student positions on campus, as well as Federal Work-Study positions off-campus.

Required Paperwork and Online Application

A student must submit an online application for each job they wish to be considered for hire.  Once they have secured a position they will need to complete and submit employment paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid, Harkins Hall 403.  Student employees must not begin working until they have completed and submitted all of the required forms (with exception of the optional direct deposit form).  All forms can be obtained by going to the Forms section of our website.

Brand New Hire

If this is the student’s first job on campus the student will need to complete the following:

  • Employment Certification Form
  • Federal W-4 Form
  • Rhode Island W-4
  • I-9 Form
  • Direct Deposit Form – Optional
  • Online Application (in Handshake!)


In April, supervisors are sent a rehire list to complete. If the supervisor indicates that the student employee is a rehire the student will not need to complete paperwork or online application for that position for the following academic year.  You may also use this list to continue a student’s employment into the summer.

Changing Jobs

The following forms need to be completed if the student is working a different academic year position from last year:

  • Employment Certification Form
  • Direct Deposit Form – Optional
  • Online Application (in Handshake!)

Summer Employment

If a student will continue to work in the exact same position in your department through the summer, then indicate that on the rehire list sent to you in April – no further paperwork is necessary.  If a student did not work for you during the academic year, then they must complete the following:

  • Employment Certification Form
  • Direct Deposit Form – Optional
  • Summer Employment Resource Form
  • Online Application (in Handshake!)

Please note: summer students will need to complete the forms/application listed above and all forms listed under ‘Brand New Hire’ if they have not worked on campus before.

Can a student have more than one job?

Students are limited to holding just one on-campus position.  In very rare cases a student may, with prior approval from the Office of Financial Aid, hold a second on-campus position. It is important to note, Resident Assistants are not authorized to work two jobs and no student is permitted to work three jobs on campus.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistant (RA) cannot work 2 jobs on campus since they work the maximum number of hours per week (i.e. 20). For information about compensation email There are no exceptions made for RAs being allowed to work 2 jobs.

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Project Agreement (Community Service)

The Federal Work-Study Project Agreement details the duties and responsibilities of the agency participating in the Federal Work-Study Program. Federal funds provide 75% of their students’ wages while the participating agency, or the Feinstein Institute in selected cases, provides the remaining 25%. To simplify this requirement, Providence College pays the student in full and bills the agency at the end of the fall, spring, and summer employment periods for the 25% portion earned. During the summer employment period, the agency will be billed for the 25% portion plus FICA as required by law.

Pay Rates

Employers should be aware that student hourly pay rates are based upon minimum wage, skill level, and practical experience. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to determine their student employee pay rates. The pay rates must fit within the job title category pay range according to wage scale.


Hourly wage is the only approved form of compensation for services rendered. Stipends, grants or awards should be offered only for an educational experience that is normally uncompensated, or when the student incurs expenses (housing, travel, etc…) related to the experience. More details can be found in the Student Compensation Procedures.

Web-time Entry by CyberFriar

All undergraduate students working at Providence College must enter actual hours worked directly into the CyberFriar website to be paid. Student employees are responsible for the accuracy of the hours entered. Students must not work more than 20 hours per week, therefore a maximum of 40 hours per pay period during the academic year (except summer and academic year breaks). All students working 6 or more hour shifts must take a 30 minute unpaid break. This break must be logged into the CyberFriar time sheet. Worked hours should be entered in CyberFriar on a daily basis. Supervisors are responsible for verifying and approving their student employee’s time sheets in Cyber friar. Upon supervisor approval, the hours are processed electronically by Payroll.

Lunch Break

Employees working a six hour shift or longer must receive at least 30 minute unpaid lunch break. It is up to the department to decide if the lunch break is longer. The lunch break must be indicated via web-time entry records.

Maximum Student Work Hours

Students may not work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year, no exceptions. During the summer session and academic year break periods students must not work more than 35 hours per week unless their employment is considered a community service position and the student cannot work more than 40 hours per week. If a student employee exceeds hours permitted per week, disciplinary action will be taken. If student employees falsify or forge time sheets, the violation will result in immediate termination and disciplinary action.

Students working over Academic Year Breaks

Students may work over academic year breaks. If they are working the same position there is no additional paperwork or online application necessary for the student to complete unless you (supervisor) are changing their student pay rate (i.e. Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders). In that case the student will need to complete another Employment Certification Form. If the student is changing positions/jobs over break, then the student will need to complete another Employment Certification Form and online application to the new position’s job posting, see Changing Jobs section above.


If a student is injured on the job; the student must report the injury to their job supervisor.

Minor Injuries

  • If possible, go directly to the Student Health Center for treatment; Student Health Center phone number is (401) 865-2422. If the Student Health Center is closed, please contact Safety and Security at (401) 865-2391.

Moderate to Severe injuries

  • Contact Safety and Security by calling the emergency line (401) 865-2222 immediately.
  • Stop by the Office of Safety and Security to complete an incident report.
  • Contact Human Resources at (401) 865-2341 in regards to completing an injury worksheet. Or complete the injury worksheet online.

Sick and Safe Time

Full time, undergraduate students who are employed part-time, in an hourly wage position and being paid through Regular Student Payroll (RSP) will accrue sick and safe time. Sick and safe time can be used to receive compensated time out of work for their own illness, injury and/or medical appointments. Students receiving payroll compensation through Federal Work Study (FWS) payroll are not eligible to receive this benefit, as per TITLE IV regulations. Supervisor may contact the Office of Financial Aid ( regarding use of this benefit and/or obtain a copy of the full policy.

Grievance Procedure

If a student/supervisor has any grievance or issues concerning an employment situation, he/she should first attempt to resolve the problem internally. If this fails, the Office of Financial Aid should be contacted immediately. The Office of Financial Aid will serve as mediator for all student employment concerns.


A supervisor may terminate a student’s employment any time there is sufficient justification. The job supervisor should document, in writing, the circumstances which prompted the dismissal, and give the student one week advance notice when possible. The student and employer are encouraged to discuss problems concerning work performance to determine if a remedy can be found before dismissal becomes necessary. Documented violations of confidentiality, dishonesty (including falsification of time sheets), poor work performance, habitual tardiness or absence are some of the justifiable reasons for terminating a students’ employment. If a student is terminated, there is no guarantee that the student will be placed in another Federal Work-Study job.


Upon graduation from Providence College a student employee may not continue working beyond their graduation date.