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Book Advance

A book advance is a way to have funding put on your Providence College ID card for use in the campus bookstore to pay for books and supplies at the beginning of each semester. A book advance can only be used to pay for purchases in person at the campus book store and is not available to purchase items through their online system.

If you have a pending credit on your student account, you can access up to one-half of your yearly budgeted allowance for books, per semester, before the semester begins to use towards your books and supplies in the campus book store.

A pending credit is when your total financial aid (including loans, but not work-study funding) exceeds your total Providence College charges for the semester. Although your actual credit may be higher, the maximum allowed is half the annual budgeted book costs as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Your requested amount cannot exceed your expected costs for books and supplies or exceed your pending credit in a given semester.

All students can access the Book Advance Request by visiting our Forms section of the web.  All students can complete the form in person, via fax or regular standard mail.

Please note that the book advance request is actually a charge that is being added to your billing statement. Therefore, it will reduce the remaining pending credit available to you once all of your actual financial aid is applied towards your bill. If your anticipated financial aid changes for any reason since receiving your book advance, you are responsible for paying the charge on your student account generated by this request.

For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid or PC Card Office & Services.