Appealing Your Aid

If your family has experienced a change in circumstances (i.e. job loss, unexpected medical expenses) since you completed your applications for aid, we are willing to revisit your original need calculations and aid package taking the change in circumstances into consideration. Should you wish to receive such a review you will need to provide more than just a letter outlining the changes. We ask that you complete at least one of our appeal forms. Please read the forms carefully and choose the one that best fits your situation and provide all the information requested. Any incomplete appeal requests could delay the entire review process.

Please keep in mind that even though your financial situation has truly changed and have provided adequate documentation, it is possible that we may not be able to offer any additional assistance due to availability of funding.

Undergraduate Day Students (prospective & transfer)

It is likely that we will not respond to your request for additional funding until after the first week of May so you may need to make a decision about whether to attend Providence College based on your most recent financial aid available in the Admission Status Portal.

Undergraduate Day Students (Returning)

It is likely that we will not respond to your request for additional funding until mid-September. Since our resources are limited, it is possible that we may not have any grant funding available to provide additional assistance for those students who have experienced a change of circumstance. We recommend that you plan your financing based on the most recent offer of assistance in your CyberFriar account.

School of Continuing Education & Graduate Students

Appeals for Undergraduate Evening and Graduate Students will be completed on a rolling basis. Since these populations of students are only eligible for federal financial aid, the most likely result of an appeal would be whether or not there is enough change in circumstance to make your Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan a Subsidized one instead.

Undergraduate Evening students could be considered for a Federal Pell Grant should the change in circumstances be great enough and a student meet all the U.S. Department of Education criteria for this particular funding.