Verification of Aid

All Students

In order to ensure that financial aid funds are distributed on an equitable basis, and to meet U. S. Department of Education requirements, a number of student applicants are required to complete a process called “verification.” Students selected to complete the verification process are required to submit documentation of the information initially provided on the student’s FAFSA. Documentation includes, but is not limited to: copies of the student and parent (tax year specific) IRS tax transcript, W2 forms, documentation of untaxed income and statements which confirm the number of family members receiving parental support and number of family members enrolled in college.

Students who must complete the verification process should read requests from our office very carefully and respond in a timely manner. Failure to comply with verification requirements can result in loss of all financial aid.

Also, please keep in mind your financial aid may be adjusted based on the final review of your actual income data from your tax transcripts. Your initial financial aid package is considered estimated since most often the figures initially provided on your applications are estimated as well. Therefore, it is highly possible that your aid package could change if your final income figures change too.

In addition, we are also required by the U.S. Department of Education to resolve any discrepant data we may find on your applications. For example, if there is interest income reported on your application and no corresponding asset it could be considered discrepant data. Also, if there is income from a rental property reported on your tax transcript, but no corresponding asset, it could also be considered discrepant data. Therefore, it is possible that you may receive subsequent requests for explanations or documentation to clear discrepant data in addition to the initial verification request.

Undergraduate Day Students

Most freshmen who were not selected for verification but who commit to Providence College will also be required to submit similar tax documentation as those students selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education. You will receive a email outlining the specific documentation required after the College’s deposit deadline has passed.

School of Continuing Education & Graduate Students

A student is required to satisfy any and all requests from the Office of Financial Aid for additional documentation to resolve conflicting, missing or required documentation associated with the verification process before being issued any financial assistance. Failure to comply with requests for verification and other documentation could result in loss of all financial aid. You will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid outlining what is specifically required of you.