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Are you going to study abroad for the next semester or two? This page is designed to help you understand what happens to your financial aid for the semester(s) you are going abroad.  We strongly encourage you to read the information and save this page for future reference.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office or the  Center for Global Education for additional information.


Students who participate in an academic year study abroad program will be charged Home School Tuition and will be permitted to use institutional grants and scholarships to support their expenses for studying abroad.  Providence College students are eligible for financial aid on the same basis as when they are studying at PC.  Institutional funding (including Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange) along with federal, state, and most private financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and loans are portable.  This means that you can apply your financial aid to the cost of your study abroad program.   Please note, work study and athletic grants are excluded and are not portable.

Students with outside scholarships must check with the sponsoring agency providing those funds to ensure that funding can be used while studying abroad.  For the Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) and Suggested Lender List, all paperwork needs to be completed with Providence College and/or lender prior to departure. This includes the self-certification form and/or master promissory note, if applicable.

Students will be charged home school tuition under this Home School Tuition Policy.  If the program tuition rate is greater than Providence College tuition rate you will be charged the tuition differential between the program rate and the Providence College rate.  Any eligible financial aid (federal, institutional, state, or private funding) that you receive in the semester that you are going abroad will first be applied to the tuition fee, study abroad fee $1,000, student health insurance (if enrolled), and any other outstanding charges that you may have at Providence College (e.g., unfulfilled housing contracts, parking fines, dorm damage fines, late fees, etc.).

An email will be sent to your Providence College email account outlining what paperwork for your study abroad program is required and when it is due.  Refund Instruction Form will only be required for those students who have financial aid in excess of their Providence College billed charges for the semester abroad.   In addition, some study abroad programs have a separate form they would like the Office of Financial Aid to complete.

Students may contract with (Nelnet Campus Commerce) to cover charges that are billed directly from Providence College such as PC tuition and the study abroad fee.  Payment plans cannot be used to manage the other expenses that are billed by the host institution.  You will be responsible for paying additional charges directly to the host institution.


Some study abroad programs require that certain fees be paid up front and out of pocket regardless of the types and amounts of financial assistance you have applied for and are receiving.  Some examples of such fees would be an enrollment deposit, damage deposit, insurance fee, round trip airfare, taxes and fuel charges.  Please contact your host program for information regarding their payment policies.

Financial aid is not credited to the student account until after the last day to add/drop courses at Providence College.  Refunds generally take 7-10 business days to process.  Students must plan their finances accordingly by ensuring that they have personal funds available to manage required expenses until refunds are processed.

If the host program requires payment in a form other than American currency, the Bursars Office is unable to send or wire money directly to the program.  Rather, all money will be sent home to a parent/guardian and it is the students’ responsibility to convert and transfer those funds in the manner required by the host program.


If your eligibility changes or you apply for loans or outside scholarships after your paperwork is completed by the Office of Financial Aid you must notify us in writing what you would like us to do with those funds.  Your original refund instructions are fund and/or semester specific.  It is not a blanket agreement which is the reason why separate instructions are required.

If you are already abroad and change programs or obtain approval from the College to stay an extra semester, you will be required to complete another Consortium Agreement and Refund Instruction Form, if applicable.  Your original agreements are specific to the program and semester you are scheduled to be away.  These forms need to be completed prior to the start date of their new program abroad.

Study Abroad Forms


Refund Instruction Form

This form is only required from those students receiving financial aid in excess of billed charges at Providence College (i.e. College tuition, study abroad fee, health insurance and any other charges incurred during the semester abroad).

This form provides you with the opportunity to tell us exactly where you would like us to send your eligible financial assistance during your semester(s) abroad.  By completing this form you are giving Providence College permission to send your eligible federal, institutional, and state funding directly to the host program/institution you are attending or directly to a parent/guardian.  If you have completed the Consortium Agreement but not the Refund Instruction Form, your aid will remain on the account at Providence College.

It is important to understand that when you receive a copy of your Refund Instruction Form that the amount of your refund will be the difference between all charges on your Providence College account (tuition fee, study abroad fee, student health insurance (if enrolled), and/or other charges that you anticipate to incur for the semester abroad) and your financial aid for the semester.  The net amount of your available refund could change if any additional fines or fees are present on your bill at the time your aid is ready for transfer.